Business Overview

Since our establishment in 1984, CLEARTH LIFE has planned and developed numerous apartments, primarily investment condominiums. The CLEARTH LIFE Group provides integrated support connected with investment apartments, focusing on condominiums in particular, to help investors with every step of the ownership process, from entrance to exit, including leasing management, building management and circulation on the housing market. Further, for tenants we offer a variety of rental property introduction and residency services centering on our condominiums.

Apartment Planning, Development and Unit Sales

CLEARTH LIFE plans, develops and sells investment apartments located primarily in and around central Tokyo where the outlook for asset values is excellent and the rental demand is stable.
Our core brand is the CONCIERIA series, which is particularly planned to ensure tenant comfort and convenience thanks not only to the location but also the high-quality design, specification, interior fixtures and numerous other elements. Ensuring the comfort and convenience of tenants contributes to long-term, stable leasing operations which, when combined with the asset quality derived from the location, means apartment owners are happy as well.


一口家主 iAsset

CLEARTH LIFE created "iAsset" as a vehicle for selling small-lot real estate investment products. The individual, small-lot apartment units that "iAsset" offers are designed to provide more affordable real estate investment in line with the Act on Specified Joint Real Estate Ventures. Through these products a variety of real estate investor needs are met, including offering a gateway into real estate investment.

Second-hand Apartments Purchasing, and Resale or Intermediary

The CLEARTH LIFE Group is involved not only in apartment development but also in purchasing and reselling, intermediary second-hand apartments.
CLEARTH PARTNERS acts as an intermediary between customers looking to sell their apartments and customers looking to buy, focusing primarily on CLEARTH brand apartments. They offer help with asset conversion and the exit for owned apartments.

For real estate investment in the heart of Tokyo, CLEARTH LIFE

Leasing Management

The CLEARTH LIFE Group provides support with leasing management which is a key for the apartment investment.
CLEARTH RENT handles the full range of leasing management responsibilities - from finding tenants to processing leasing agreements, collecting rent, arranging repairs, handling complaints and arranging for the vacated apartment to be restored to its original condition - thereby ensuring that apartment management is smooth and stable for owners and comfortable and convenient for tenants.

Owners have a range of options when it comes to leasing-related operations, including a guaranteed rent system by CLEARTH SUBLEASE. In addition to all of this, a variety of leasing-related services are available, such as planning and operation of storage rooms, called "Sub-Station" and providing monthly apartments.

Building Management

The CLEARTH LIFE Group offers comprehensive building management services for apartments and other properties.
With the operational and accounting support provided by apartment management associations, CLEARTH COMMUNITY protects owners' important assets by ensuring that all essential building management services are provided, including the cleaning, inspection and maintenance of shared facilities and the implementation of major repairs. In addition, "CLEARTH PARK" coin-operated parking is offered as a means of handling parking vacancies which will also provide a stable source of income for apartment management associations.