Message from the President

- Provide high value investment apartments
- Spread widely investment apartments to customers
These are the motivations that drive us to continually seek new business and growth opportunities.

Yuji Oike

As comprehensive apartment developers, the services we provide cover every stage of the investment process, from site purchasing to development, unit sale, leasing management, building management and marketing of second-hand apartments. Our CONCIERIA series of apartments are well received as "reliable property assets" by both Japanese and overseas customers thanks to their well-chosen locations and high-quality construction. We are also leading innovators in the industry, constantly seeking new opportunities for growth. We want to provide high value investment apartments and spread widely to those customers who are not familiar with this area. Based on these, we offer one block apartments renovation, pet-friendly apartments and other concept apartments, as well as to host seminars and create broadcast programming related to real estate investment.

Despite the fact that Japan has the third highest GDP of any nation, its real estate feels quite affordable compared with other major cities around the world. Because of this, Japanese real estate has been attracting a lot of attention from overseas investors. And as real estate investment becomes increasingly globalized, the rate of entry into the Japanese real estate market by overseas investors is expected to grow even higher. Additionally, if the market continues to develop as anticipated, it will become common for Japanese private investors to also have overseas real estate as part of their portfolio.

Recognizing this, the CLEARTH LIFE Group has been actively expanding overseas sales of its apartments, starting with Singapore in 2013 and progressing to Hong Kong and other cities, primarily in Asia. Also, in order to facilitate full-scale business expansion overseas, the CLEARTH LIFE Group launched a local subsidiary in Taiwan in October 2016.

Based on a guiding vision to become the "Concierge for Tokyo Life" and in order to remain a company which meets the expectations of all its stakeholders, we are constantly striving to provide sound property assets and safe, comfortable lifestyle to customers interested in investing or living in the heart of Tokyo. Furthermore, everyone in the CLEARTH LIFE Group is working together to ensure more robust compliance and corporate governance, as well as cultivation of capable global human resources to achieve successful overseas business, thereby earning greater trust from our customers.

Yuji Oike President